The Kiribati Green Dwarf

This variety is quite versatile and, depending on agronomic conditions, can shows very different aspects. In Tarawa, near the home stay, it is the smallest coconut variety, with very thin and often curved stem. People plant it when the available space is limited and manage it on a way that it remains of very small size.
This variety is very appreciated for toddy production in Tuvalu, where people argues: "with this variety, even an old men can prepare its own toddy". Quite surprisingly, in Tarawa it seems that this variety if finally not often used for producing toddy, and that people prefers the niu leka or compact green Dwarf for preparing toddy.

Sometimes, but not always, the fruits have distinctive circular scars.

But on another palm of the same variety, located at only a few meters than the other one, this characteristic did not appear.