Various frauds and disproportionate prices in the internet coconut planting material market

By R. Bourdeix
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On, as of April 2018, a Sri lankan seller is proposing the famous King Coconut variety by using a picture of a Malayan Red Dwarf made by the expert (R. Bourdeix) in the coconut genebank of Vanuatu Agricultural Research Center (VARTC). Neither King Coconut and Malayan Red Dwarf provide viable harvest in two years as indicated. Other pictures seems to indicate that the variety sold is the Sri Lankan Red Dwarf (short bunch peduncles and thin stem). 

Unappropriated picture used to sell a variety
presented as King Coconut from Sri Lanka

Again on, as of April 2018, the same Sri lankan seller is proposing the same coconut variety as "Tahiti Red", when the Tahitian Red Dwarf and the King Coconut are two well distinct varieties. None of them provides viable harvest in two years as indicated.

Fake varietal identification mixing
two well know varieties on

A variety presented as "Fijian Green Dwarf" is sold by a Mexican seller at the quite expensive price of $550. Fijian coconut breeders and the expert where unable to recognize this variety, the inflorescence of which seems to be from Tall-type, or from a kind of Papua Green Dwarf (long bunch peduncle and small pointed fruits).

Unknown varieties sold
as Fijian Green Dwarf in Mexico