Aluminium tags for parent palms and coconut harvest hooks as incentives

By R. Bourdeix, 2018.Aluminium tags
For numbering parent palms, we strongly advice to by this kind of pre-numbered aluminium tags, and to fix them with 5 cm stainless nails to the stem of the coconut palms, preferably at 1.80 from the ground and on east side of the palm. Such a numbering system can last at least 20 years. Their price is about 100 USD for 1000 tags numbered from 1 to 1000.
Tags for parent palms of seedling numbering
Tags for parent palms of seedling numbering

The best prices we found are here, on about 100 USD for 1000 tags without transportation. Be care than the same items are sometimes sold five to ten times more expensive by other suppliers. Please note that there is also a plastic version with barcodes, but more expensive and we don't know if this well apply to coconut stems.

Coconut harvesting hooks or coconut sickles

This tool allows to harvest coconut palms at least twice faster that the simple metal hook method used in many Pacific Countries. Be care to buy true coconut sickles and not the one which are made for oil palm harvest and that have a different shape, less convenient for harvesting coconut palms.
Coconut sickles can be buy in Malaysia, or India, and may be in other countries.

Coconut sickle from India

Coconut sickle from Malaysia

Avoid these oil palm sickles, that are longer and more open in shape,
and not convenient for harvesting coconut palms

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