The 2001-2009 mother palm selection programme under CIDA (Coconut Industry Development Authority)

By V. Kumar and R. Bourdeix, December 2017

Under this authority, about 5000 Fijian Tall mother palms were selected in Vanua Levu. Selection criteria and method: One shot visual selection on circular crow shape, number of leaves (at least 30) and bunches (10 to 12), number of nuts per bunches (at least 6), large stem girth; these palms where selected in large farms fields of more than 200 palms. Selected palm were painted with a red or black ring around the stem, that should remain visible until now (2017). Data regarding these palms are the name of farmer, location (village and district), and number of selected palms.
During this period, about ZzZZ seednuts were collected from these selected palms, and raised in about ZZZ on-farm and community nurseries. The initial target was to yearly produce about 123,000 seednuts (supposed quantity to plant/replant 890 hectare per year, so 138 seednuts per hectare ???). It is estimated that about ZZZ palms were planted during this period.
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