Refining fruit characterization in garden and farmers fields

By Vijendra Kumar and R. Bourdeix

What to do when the coconut available is scarce?
In some coconut varieties, especially those located in gardens, it is very difficult to obtain seednuts. We tried to develop a technique usable when you get only one fruit per palm

This fruit analysis process took 30 minutes per coconut to a single man, not including harvest of the fruit, interactions with farmers, and time devoted to locate the variety. It includes 16 successive steps.

  1. Note the survey numbers
  2. Note if the fruits in young, turning color, mature or other mature
  3. Measure longitudinal circumference
  4. Measure equatorial circumference
  5. Weight the whole fruit
  6. Picture the whole fruit
  7. Spit the coconut in two by sawing
  8. Sample coconut water (not done this time)
  9. Weight the whole fruit without free water (the two halves together)
  10. Clean one half of the whole fruit with water, lemon and toothbrush
  11. Picture one half of the whole fruit
  12. Husk the two halves of the fruits
  13. Weight the husk
  14. Remove the kernel from the shell
  15. Weight the shell
  16. Sample 4 pieces of kernel (cut wash and pack).