Organic: nursery management

By R. Bourdeix, 2018

A new idea! 
A new idea (never tested as far as we know): use coconut husk and charcoal (or biochar is available) as organic fertilizer and soil enhancer in coconut nursery. First place a 5 cm layer of soil in the polybag. Then insert a coconut husk and two handful of charcoal at the bottom of the polybag before filling the bag with soil. Transporting the bag will be easier as the weight will be reduced.

From Dr P.K.Thampan, Peekay Tree Crops Development Foundation, Kochi-682 020, Kerala, India. In Coconut google group16/03/2007.
In one or two observations of the members the usefulness of organic manures in the management of polybag nurseries was found highlighted. Studies on the nutrient requirement of seedlings indicate that manuring is necessary if seedling vigour is to be maintained in the nursery.The seedlings begin to take up nutrients immediately after the emergence of the first roots which is about 14 weeks from sowing. However, in a study reported from Sri lanka it was observed that upto 30 weeks in the nursery, the seedlings were self-supporting in nitrogen but deficient only in potash mainly because of the leaching of potash from the husk.
Studies in India have shown that there is a setback in the growth of seedlings at the fifth or sixth month of growth after germination. At this stage,after having utilized most of the endosperm, the seedlings gradually change over to full dependence on the soil medium for nutrition by photosynthesis. Manuring at regular intervals thereafter will be necessary till the seedlings are removed from the nursery for transplanting. Perhaps nursery manuring will not be necessary if the seedlings are to be removed about 5-6 months after germination during which time adequate endosperm would be available in the seednuts for supporting the growing seedlings. Wherever plenty of organic sources of nutrients are available it is beneficial to use such manures instead of inorganic fertilizers.

Here under is a short movie on coconut nursery pracices around the world, with special emphasis to the Pacific region and two other countries for comparison.