By R. Bourdeix and V. Kumar, December 2017

Dr Roland Bourdeix first visited Fiji from 29 October to 5 November, and then from 27 November to 10 December 2017. The first week was devoted to the 2017 COGENT steering committee meeting, and the second to the CIDP expertise. Additional visit are to be conducted in February, March and April 2018. The islands of Vanua levu, Viti levu, Kioa and Nananu-i-ra were visited. Visit of the Rotuma island is planned in March.

Present and past coconut seed system
Coconut nurseries: how farmers can get seednuts?
Existing agricultural research centres
A partial analysis of past coconut development projects in Fiji
The 2001-2009 mother palm selection programme under CIDA

Needs for the future of coconut planting material in Fiji
Varieties and palms identified during the 2017 survey and before
Refining fruit characterization in farmer's fields

Public lecture at USP Lower Campus,  Suva, Monday 26th February at 2pm